My Lacking Creativity

Somedays I get the most creative idea ever; I work to make it reality and everything turns out exactly how I imagine it should be!

And other days I happen upon great ideas, and no matter what I do, I can’t get it to turn out how I want it to.

The past few months I’ve felt as though I wander through an uncreative canyon. Where I can’t climb out and I fail when I try. Where I feel I’m running out of ideas. Where my mind decides it would be easier to watch others create.

Yet here I am, trying to get my creative juices going! 
What helps you in creative slumps?


7 thoughts on “My Lacking Creativity

  1. I have been in your shoes and all you need do is take a pause, relax, breath and live. It sounds great, and works for me when I sit back and watch other people while they get creative. It inspires me.

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  2. Well i’d suggest going and doing some of the daily posts. You might get hit with ideas. Or keep a notebook and whenever you go into a daze and think of something interesting you can jot it down that moment itself. 😃


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