Regaining Some Creativity

Or whatever it is that I’m doing.

In an effort to find something to spark my artistic side I’ve picked up a knitting project I started months ago that I had forgotten. 

It took a few days for me to enjoy it, the project I have is at a tedious point in the pattern, and now I’ve come to look forward to finishing it and starting something else. 

The past week has been a reflective period for me. In addition to picking up my knitting, I’ve also thought about the things I used to make, songs I’d sing, other odd creative things I’ve done in the past. 

And it’s brought some ideas afresh. 

It’s going to be a cowl with a hood. I’m looking forward to using it this fall/winter.


3 thoughts on “Regaining Some Creativity

      1. I will. My schedule is a bit full right now. Knitting is a true art. The shop that I was looking at gives both group and private lessons. Some of the work on their site is simply gorgeous. Thank you for the encouragement.

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