Welcoming Autumn

Fantastically, I’ve been struggling to find something to write about in the past few days… 

The first sign that came to me that September started today, was how quiet the apartment was. Normally the hum of the AC unit was always in the background. So now I can shiver in the real cold versus the artificial cold because the apartment is cold all year long.

The second sign was seeing all the autumnal candles that stores have out.(I would have so many candles if I didn’t have to pay bills) my current fall candle smells of a caramel macchiato.

Thirdly was looking at the calendar and realizing today we’d start making pumpkin spice lattes at the coffee shop. (Here’s where I let down everybody) I don’t care for PSLs at all. Give me a salted caramel white mocha!

I could soak up the summer sunshine all day long, but since we’re here, I’ll just have to dress warmer. Indoors and out.

Truly though, my favorite part is wearing the stuff I knit.

Favorite thing about Autumn?


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