Finding Order

Cool winds, soft warm sunshine, leaves just starting to change color on certain trees, autumn is falling into place. (Horrific pun, I know.)

With the kick-off of our youth group year to trying to start up and lead a youth worship team and working, it’s been hard to find a new order about life. Just trying to find time to spend with close friends, I have a packed schedule and finding time that works for both of us is quite difficult.

Another thing that feels like disorder is that everytime I clean our apartment it goes back to being dirty in two days. I currently have a pile of dishes, mountain of laundry, and a landmine field of crumbs that should be vacuumed up. I know that I will, for certain, feel so much better once it’s cleaned up.

It’s something I never realized growing up, just how the state of your home can affect your mood. 

When the apartment is clean both my husband and I are more relaxed and content, and when it’s a mess we’re melancholy and it feels dismal.

And to top it off, it’s hard to find time to clean, because no one wants to clean after they come home from working 2nd shift. And cleaning before work can be hard if you have other responsibilities that are time sensitive.

So today is about putting things in order before I go to work, and I have all day to do it. Good thing I like cleaning.

Does cleaning/a clean home give you peace as well?


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