30 day blogging challenge

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 1

Topic: Your Blog’s Name

Snark and Other Things

Reason for this name: I tend to be a sassy lady and I make unhelpful comments and talk about whatever I feel like. I am a blunt person, I try to not be so in some circumstances.

I also say things that I shouldn’t in public places. 

Like “This church looks like every other Lutheran Church, they all seem to have the same layout, carpets, and cupboards.” Which in fact, that church was not Lutheran. And so my husband advised not saying things like that when others can hear me. #thingsyoushouldntsay (I’m not Lutheran, in case anyone is wondering, we just attended someone’s wedding there.)

Yah know? So this is a place to talk about my thoughts and other things.

Anyway, I’ve attempted to find stuff to write about and I keep judging my own writing and deciding to not post things. So by do this challenge, I hope to gain some creativity and have some fun. I also don’t like to lose and I’m promising myself ice cream if I can do all 30 days without missing.

This is the list of daily topics, wish me luck!


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