30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 4

Topic: My dream job 

I love my job! I love being a barista, it’s definitely been the best working experience I’ve had so far. 

But if I had to choose something else…

It would be being paid to read books that I like. (Unrealistic, I know, but that’s why it’s a dream job) Being able to read books and not have to proofread them or edit them, or critique them. Just simply reading because I love to and because I love books. 

Or not work, that would be nice too, and completely dependent upon my husband getting his dream job with good pay.
I feel I’m kinda boring about this kind of thing. 

This 30 Day Blogging Challenge is hopefully giving me some creativity to write other fun things. I’ve promised myself ice cream if I don’t miss a day! 

Your dream job would be…?


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