30 day blogging challenge

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 9

Topic: What’s in Your Bag/Wallet 

I didn’t figure that ‘what’s in my bag’ would be too interesting, I only have my wallet and my keys and some Tylenol in there.

So, what’s in my wallet. (This type of post is sooo not my style, but hey.)

On my coffee table we have from left to right: my thirtyone wallet, it has three pockets and is my favorite wallet in the history of me having money. 

A Helzberg inspection card for my wedding rings. (Pictured beneath is a Papa Murphy’s buy 11 over time, get 1 free card. And we don’t really buy their pizza anyway.)

A small portion of my Starbucks cards. (I have a collection.) I’m thinking that someday, with cards I don’t put money on, I’m going to make some sort of hanging decoration with them.

I have a Panera gift card with no money on it, I don’t know why I still have it but I do.

I have a Maurice’s card, mainly for the discounts or whatever it gives you.

I have my hair stylist’s card. (I seldom cut my hair, but when I do I go to her)

I have a guitar pick and a mandolin pick. I used to play the mandolin, but I still have this one fat pick left. I thing that I have learned when you’re friends with guitarists, always carry a pick, as they will forget/lose theirs.

I have a pair of earrings I don’t like, a bobby pin, and a hairband.

A coffee shop discount card and a picture of my handsome husband making a face.

Not pictured are my insurance card, licence, and bank card. 
In the background is two chess sets, my favorite is pictured on the right. My pecan pumpkin cake candle, a Yankee candle, and a coffee candle. 

I’m kinda thinking I may have a double post day, where one is a 30 day challenge post and the other is something I thought of to write about. I’m not sure yet, so maybe maybe not.


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