30 day blogging challenge

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 15

Topic: Where Will I Be In Five Years? 

Hopefully, my husband and I will have a more permanent form of residence in five years.

I hope that my husband gets full-time at his pastoral job so he won’t need his less than great job.

I think it would fun/interesting to be a shift supervisor at the coffee place. Make more money, make more coffee, make more days for people. Etc.

It would be within our plan for my husband and I to have at least one child in that time, maybe two. So I expect there will be some changes in our with lives so we don’t have to pay daycare when that time comes.

That’s kinda it. Maybe we’ll even have a yard with a lawn swing so I can sit outside on summer afternoons and knit.

Thanks for reading my complete rambling and for coming to check on my progress with this challenge. I’m halfway!


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