30 day blogging challenge

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 17

Topic: My Favorite Blogs 

We’ll go with three of them. Mainly because these three have been long-time favorites.

Currently Kelli – Kelli writes about how she’s feeling, shares favorite tweets (which are always funny), and just talks about life and some of her goals.

I always find her honesty encouraging, what she’s willing to share with people on her blog. 

I also love it when she takes pictures, they may not be pro-photography, but I enjoy the slice of real life that she shares.

Julianna Morlet – Julianna often writes about worship leading and shares encouragement for the ladies of the church.

I started following her blog around the time she was gearing up to run a race for sex-slaves’ freedom and rescue. 

Fellow Passengers – Rachel writes about home life with her kids and their hobby farm.

I enjoy her realness in struggles and triumphs.

And I love her Dutch Baby Oven Pancakes recipe, if you need a snack or great breakfast food, this is it.
Go check them out. 

Thank you for reading.


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