Coffee Shop Talk: Things My Customers Say

One day a teenager came in to order drinks for his workplace. Then another customer, a regular, looked at him and told him why he was there. 
“Out getting coffee for work? You’re the lowest on the totem pole, ya know. That’s why they send you.”  

The teen just stood there awkwardly and looked away.


Another customer, ordering a drink: “I’d like a half decaf, half real, latte…”


The joys of explaining sales and discounts.

“You guys are having a sale today, right?”

“Yes from 2-5pm.” 


“Sooooo, I can still get in on it right?”

“I’m sorry, it’s past 5pm.”


“I’m here to get some drinks for my two wives, girlfriend, and I…”


“So what did they get started for you?”

“I got a medium on my own cup.” 

“Alright, but what type of drink?” 

“I got a pumpkin!”

It’s always fun to see what the next day will bring.


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