Minor Goals

Back on Day 8 of the challenge I had written about 5 goals I had. Still have those ones, they just take time. 

Some more goals I have that are pretty easy, I think. We’ll see in two weeks how I do with them.

  • I would like to develop a better home cleaning routine. It’s hard mainly because when my husband and I are both home we just want to spend time together. So finding something that isn’t hard and won’t take me a couple hours to complete each day would be good.
  • I would also like to have a better Bible reading routine. 
  • I would like to get up earlier so I have more time in the day. Currently the usual is 9am and I’d like it to be 8-8:30am.

    Another goal I have is to find something interesting to write about. Because I’m sure, this isn’t it.


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