Creativity: Watercolor Arrival

As you’re reading this, I’m currently stuck on a three-hour van ride, packed with teenagers, I’m the driver. 

I’m sure it will be okay…


At the time that I’m writing this, I’ve just finished playing around with my new watercolor paints and brushes.

I’m not by any means, a good painter, but I have fun with it.

And as I thought it would be, it is therapeutic for me. It is calming.

I can’t wait to study some techniques and try them out!

I kinda enjoy the black pen over the watercolor. I particularly enjoy it because I don’t have to be very realistic.

I’m also the sort who is fine with starting out with stuff from ‘the cheap end’. 

Fine Touch brushes, Fine Touch Paints, Aquash water brush. Watercolor paper from Walmart.

My favorite little painting so far. ^ The chubby little penguin.


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