The Cliché November Post

You could say winter is coming, snow threatens to fall. However, it’s not yet even December, so whatever falls will likely melt away, so thankfully there’s not really anything to get overworked about.
And I’m not ready for winter. Like ever. 

So forgetting about winter…

Since this is the month of thankfulness here are three people in my life that I’m very thankful for: 

  1. My husband. He’s always there for me, cliche, I know. He truly looks to take care of me, he works hard to make sure we’ll be alright. He doesn’t mind my absurd downright silliness.
  2. My friend, T.J. She’s a wonderful encourager, and I appreciate her wisdom in life. Continuing the clicheness, I can talk to her about anything and I know she’s got my back.
  3. My sister, who I can also talk about nonsense and other things with. We understand each other on a ridiculous level. I particularly enjoy making references to movies and shows with her. All good things, all good things… 

And so I conclude this thankful post.


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